CWallet is the brand new secure crypto wallet. In CWallet you can safely send, receive, store and manage your Cardano (ADA) cryptocurrency and many other assets as well. It's available for both iOS and Android. 

In CWallet, you can do:

- use and manage ADA, the native token of Cardano,

- buy lots of digital currency,

- track all currency and transactions in one app,

- send and receive crypto,

- exchange your crypto to another crypto,

- keep records on the rate and its changes,

- have 24/7 live and human customer support ready to help.

In CWallet, we support:

- Bitcoin (BTC),

- Ethereum (ETH),

- Cardano (ADA),

- CardWallet (CW),

- (OCC),

- Cardstarter (CARDS),

- Gerowallet (GERO),

- Uniswap (UNI),

- Aaave (AAVE),

- (YFI),

- Polygon (MATIC),

- Sushiswap (Sushi),

- Binance (BNB),

- Tether USD (USDT),

- TrueUSD (TUSD),

- USD Coin (USDC),

- Chainlink (LINK),

- Basic Attention Token (BAT),

- Compound (COMP),

and over 100 coins in general.