Making CWallet safe and secure for all users was one of our main goals. Using CWallet and following the basic safety rules principles, you can be sure your crypto will be safe and sound. 

We are giving CWallet security the highest rank of priority. CWallet is a client-based wallet. CWallet does not collect information on its servers. None of our team members have access to your wallets or to your crypto or to any of your personal information.

That means the seed phrase is the only key to your wallet. It's generated on your device only, and we do not have a backup or copy of it.  Your seed phrase should be saved somewhere safe where no one can have access to it. We do not advise you to keep it on your device or somewhere digitally. The seed phrase is a key to your wallet and that's why it's not to be shared with anyone.

You have several ways to secure your CWallet on your device, as well as having your CWallet full back up. 

We would like to remind you about being safe on the web and staying on guard:

- use only secure internet connection,

- secure your personal device as well,

- don't get phished and check all links and files,

- never share your passwords or your seed phrases,

- never save them digitally and send them via email or messengers.