One of the main things to do before starting using CWallet and making any transactions is to back your wallet up.

You can back up your wallet in Settings. The app will provide you with your seed phrase. A seed phrase is a group of words, 15 words, created when a new wallet is made. One seed phrase = one wallet, never match.

Carefully write your seed phrase down. The words must be saved in exactly the same sequence they are shown. 

Your seed phrase should be saved somewhere safe where no one can have access to it. We do not advise you to keep it on your device or somewhere digitally. The seed phrase is a key to your wallet and that's why it's not to be shared with anyone.

It's very important as losing your seed phrase is losing access to your wallet in general. If you haven't got your seed phrase, it will be not possible to recover your wallet if you lose your device, change your device or have the app deleted from your device.

It will not be possible for us to restore it for you.