If you want to import another wallet to CWallet, there are only several steps you need to take:

- Determine compatibility:

Check if the wallet you used is supporting the standard BIP44. It's one of the most commonly used modern standards now.

- Open CWallet,

- Choose "I already have a wallet" to import the existing wallet:

Launch the app and be ready to fill in the seed phrase you have. Depending on the wallet you are restoring from this may be 12 or 24 words.

- Create PIN-code,

- Enjoy using CWallet.

Be careful to check the list of assets supported by CWallet. If an import is successful, CWallet synchronizes with the blockchain and gets information about your balance and complete transaction history as well. 

If the import fails, you will see a notification from the app. That means your seed phrase is wrong or has mistakes in it. Please check it - all words should be filled in without any special symbols, in the order, you were given.

If the asset is not supported, you will not see it in your wallet after importing. We can consider adding the token or a coin you require - let our support team know and they will check it for you.

Where can I find the seed phrase in my old wallet?

Usually, all BIP44 wallets require to do back up. If you haven't done it before, you can do it and get your seed (or mnemonic) phrase in the Settings. It consists of 12 or 15 words, depending on the wallet.