In CWallet, you can use debit or credit cards to buy crypto.


We support MasterCard and Visa. In order to avoid a cash advance fee, we recommend using a debit card.

We work with Simplex to process all purchases in CWallet. Simplex is one of the industry leaders on the cryptomarket and a trustworthy partner.

How much does CWallet charge me for purchasing crypto?

When you buy crypto in CWallet, you can see all the calculations right in the app before confirming the transaction - how much you will get for what you pay. The commission is already built in the exchange rate. 

The commission depends on the amount of crypto you buy, starting at 10$ dollars for the commission (it's a minimum commission amount). To be efficient, it's better to buy a larger amount of crypto in one purchase rather than splitting the purchase into several smaller ones.

If you would like to check the commission amount, you can do it by comparing the fiat equivalent. 

How to purchase crypto in CWallet?

To purchase crypto, follow these steps:

- Download CWallet. 

- Choose the option you need. If you have a wallet already please click on the “I have a wallet” button. Otherwise, proceed with creating a new wallet.

- Click on the “Buy” button. In the app, you can choose the crypto asset and the fiat amount in the currency you would like to pay. 

At the moment, the purchase limit is 50 USD min and 250 USD max. 

- Fill in the card and personal details and the billing address on the Simplex page. You can also check the order summary before pressing Pay Now.

By pressing Pay Now you confirm that you have filled in all details correctly.

- After that, your purchase will be processed by Simplex, and within several minutes you should have your crypto in your CWallet. 

For the first purchases, it's required to go through KYC. However, some of the purchases may require additional KYC procedures, whereas for others this step may not be required altogether. See the information below.

How to get through the KYC?

KYC is also known as the “Know Your Client” procedure. Some purchases may require the KYC procedure additionally. The KYC procedure is here for preventing other persons from using your card for purchasing crypto. It also prevents money laundering and fraud.

Our partner will inform you via email you use about the KYC and its procedure.  You will need to upload a clear photo of your identity document to Simplex to confirm your purchase. Without that, your purchase won't be processed.

What if my purchase failed?

The card can be rejected by the card issuer. In this case, we recommend you contact the bank and ensure that the following requirements are met:

- Card is eligible for international transactions,

- It is enrolled in a 3D secure program, 

- There is a sufficient amount of funds to complete the payment.

After you contact your bank and before issuing a new purchase, you can contact our customer support from the app or with a widget and they will help you to understand why your purchase failed.