Sending and receiving crypto is easy with this wallet. Open your wallet:

- you can choose the crypto wallet you need, then choose Send / Receive,

- on the main screen, you can swipe the crypto wallet card left for Receive or right for Send.

You can the QR code or copy the address. 

Feel free to send this address to the sender and he will use it to send you crypto.

If you wish to send crypto tap the “Send” button. You will need to enter the address you’d like to send crypto to here.

Please bear in mind to double-check all transaction details prior to initiating a transaction. Withstand of entering the address manually due to the high risk of making a mistake. 

Note that crypto transactions cannot be canceled or refunded.

On this screen, you need to set the amount you wish to send. You are free to enter the amount in crypto or in USD. It shall be estimated automatically by the system.

The fee for fueling transactions is estimated automatically as well, though you are free to customize it if you like. Nevertheless, we highly recommend using the recommended fee as it provides the best speed/price ratio.

When all transaction details are submitted and the button “Next” is pressed, you shall be able to check it again. If everything is correct, you need to press the “Confirm” button to proceed. 

When the crypto is sent you will see all information regarding your transaction: sum, hash, address, the fee selected, and the link to your transaction in the explorer.