Direct withdrawal from CWallet is unavailable.

In order to fix your crypto-fiat rate, you can exchange it here for stable coins. Stable coins are backed by actual fiat currencies and therefore their price is not influenced by various crypto market situations.  Please note that the miner’s fee would be applicable to the exchange.

You are free to exchange your currency for any stable coin that is supported for exchange in CWallet. The most popular stable coins are:

- USD Coin (USDC),

- Binance USD (BUSD),

- DAI (DAI),

- Tether (USDT)

All of them (except DAI) are USD-backed stablecoins and are about 1$ per coin.

Nevertheless, if you’d like to withdraw your crypto you are free to send it to any crypto exchange you trust.

You should also note that CWallet is not responsible for transactions made on other services. You are free to choose the crypto exchange you trust for your withdrawal purposes and check rules and regulations beforehand.