If you need to restore access to your CWallet (in case you change or lose your device, or delete the app and re-install it), you need to have your seed phrase.

You can get your access back in several clicks:

- open CWallet,

- choose "I have another wallet",

- enter your seed phrase.

All 15-words of the seed phrase should be entered in the same order as you get it without any changes. If an import is successful, CWallet synchronizes with the blockchain and gets information about your balance and complete transaction history as well. 

If your seed phrase is wrong, the app won't accept it.

Where can I find the seed phrase in my old wallet?

Usually, all BIP44 wallets require to do back up. If you haven't done it before, you can do it and get your seed (or mnemonic) phrase in the Settings. It consists of 12 or 15 words, depending on the wallet. 

Where can I find the seed phrase in my CWallet?

Follow this link to get more information on how to back up your CWallet and get your seed phrase.