If you are having some issues with sending your Cardano (ADA) to the other address, you should check the address with your recipient first. We support both Cardano Shelley and Byron addresses to receive crypto sent from your CWallet.

Cardano had two massive launches:  Byron, the beginning of Cardano and its foundation, and Shelley, the recent launch made in 2020. 

In CWallet we have only recent Shelley addresses, and that means:

- you can still receive ADA sent from both Byron and Shelley addresses,

- you can send ADA to other Shelley and Byron addresses.

What if I have other issues?

- if the address you paste is wrong, the address field will be highlighted in red,

- if you haven't got enough ADA to cover the network fee when Sending, the app will show you a notification after you press Send,

- if you want to send big amount of ADA and do not leave anything for the tokens, you will see the notification,

- if you press Send and see "Something is wrong" on the confirmation screen, that means your transaction was not accepted in the blockchain. Resynch the wallet and then repeat your transaction.