ADA is the own internal cryptocurrency of the Cardano blockchain. In CWallet, you can easily receive, send or store your ADA.

Transactions with ADA have some limits and regulations, as:

- you can't send less than 1 ADA,

- 1 ADA should always stay on your wallet balance.

That means if you have ADA, you can either Send All or send that amount of ADA, which will leave 1 ADA on your balance. 

When you use Send All option, the app will calculate the network fee and send all ADA, leaving 1 ADA on the wallet address. 

CWallet supports Cardano tokens and that can meet some limits:

- sending all ADA is not possible if you have any tokens on your addresses (if you import your ADA addresses to CWallet). 

Approximate 1,2 ADA will stay on your wallet balance and it will be not possible to withdraw or send them.