CWallet supports many crypto assets and also native Cardano tokens, such as:

- ADAX Pro

- YaySwap

- OccamFi

- WorldMobileToken

- ErgoDex

- Revuto

- Liqwid Finance

- Liqwid DAO Token

- Internet Identity Token

- Clanity

- VyFI

- TomatoCoin

- SingularityNET Token

- CardWallet

Some Ethereum-based tokens have the same name. You can distinguish them by looking at its ticker: native Cardano tokens will have -NCT, for example, OCC-NCT.

You can store, receive and send your native Cardano tokens. If you want to send your native Cardano token, you need to know several important things:

- you should have at least 1 ADA at your ADA wallet balance left after the transaction,

- a certain amount of ADA will be sent along with the token. You can check this amount in the fee popup under Min-ADA-value,

- the network fee for Sending Cardano NFT will be paid in ADA.

When you send any native Cardano token to an address, around 1 ADA will be sent additionally with your tokens to process the token transactions. Every output created by a transaction must include a minimum amount of ADA (approx. 1 ADA as stated above) which is calculated based on the size of the output.