In CWallet, you can use Visa and MasterCard debit or credit cards to buy crypto. You can also buy crypto with Apple Pay right in the app.

You can check your purchase status in the app by clicking on it. You will see your order id and its status.

Sometimes purchases can fail. The card can be rejected by the card issuer. 

In this case, we recommend you contact the bank and ensure that the following requirements are met:

- Card is eligible for international transactions,

- It is enrolled in a 3D secure program, 

- There is a sufficient amount of funds to complete the payment.

Check your email address from the instructions from Simplex. They always provide instructions if they require any additional information from your side.

If you use Apple Pay and your purchase failed, you can check if your full name, mobile phone, and billing address are filled in your Apple Pay account. 

You can check it in your device settings: Settings - Wallet & Apple Pay - Transactions Defaults.

Before issuing a new purchase, you can contact our customer support from the app or with a widget and they will help you to understand why your purchase failed.