CWallet supports Cardano NFT. You can easily receive, store and send your NFT right in the app. 

What is NFT? NFT refers to the unique non-fungible tokens that are basically a unit of data on the digital ledger. It's stored in the blockchain. The blockchain certificates for the uniqueness and non-transferability of the NFT. That means, the higher the value of uniqueness is, the higher the valuation of your NFT is. NFT is some kind of crypto art, an art form. Pictures from world-famous artists, classical paintings, and even music albums can be NFT.

How to operate your Cardano NFT in CWallet?

On the main page, besides the Wallet and Activity, you will see the NFT menu. 

On the Activity page, you can see your NFT transactions history. 

In the NFT menu, you can get the Cardano address and receive your NFT. The NFT address will match your Cardano Wallet address. All Cardano wallet addresses belonging to your wallet are stored in the Settings (wallet addresses). 

Click on your NFT to check the details.

How to send your NFT?

As another Native Cardano tokens, NFT tokens require ADA to cover the network fees when you send them to another wallet address. If you want to send your Cardano NFT, you need to know several important things:

- you should have at least 1 ADA at your ADA wallet balance left after the transaction,

- a certain amount of ADA will be sent along with the token. You can check this amount in the fee popup under Min-ADA-value,

- the network fee for Sending Cardano NFT will be paid in ADA.

Check out the youtube video on our official channel about the NFT contest.