Staking Cardano is a way to support the Cardano Network in exchange for regular ADA staking rewards.

Staking Cardano is an opportunity for users to have a passive ADA income. Staking Cardano means that you support the Cardano network by allocating resources to their development. In return, you regularly get ADA tokens as a reward, based on your Cardano balance at the end of an epoch. An epoch is a unit of the accounting period. 

Staking your ADA literally implies staking your Cardano address with all of your Cardano balance. Thus, you cannot decide over the amount of ADA you want to allocate for staking. Nevertheless, you can still make any transactions while your ADA is staked. At the time of receiving rewards, the current balance will be used to calculate an award.

There is no minimum required for staking.

If I stake my ADA, how much will I get? - Based on the APY, pool, and staked ADA amount.

You earn rewards from staking Cardano on the basis of APY, which is the Annual Percentage Yield. The APY for crypto assets is variable and fluctuates based on supply and demand.

You can choose between pools based on their characteristics. Each pool has its APY.

Do pools have any fees? - Yes, each pool has its own percent fee.

Before staking your ADA to a pool, you can compare its key characteristics, such as saturation, estimated APY, and fee. The fee will be applied to your reward for staking ADA.

If I stake my ADA, will there be any fees? - Yes. 

There are two fees implied for staking Cardano. The first fee is equal to a transaction fee cost. The other is a deposit of 2 ADA to register your Cardano address, which will be paid back if you want to unstake.

Besides that, the fees will be applied also when:

- you claim your reward,

- you decide to restake your ADA to another pool,

- you decide to unstake.

The network fees depend on the current market situation on the Cardano blockchain.

If I stake my ADA, when will I get the first rewards? - In 25 days.

Once you decided to start staking your Cardano, these are the time limits:

- 20 days to be approved,

- then another 5 days (one epoch) of the first cycle,

- first rewards after 25 days, and then once per every 5 days of your staking.

If I want to send or exchange my staked ADA, can I do that? - Yes, you can, but if you want to send or exchange your rewards from staking, you need to claim them first.

If you decide to send or exchange ADA from the address you use for staking, you can do it. If you want to do it with your rewards, you need to claim them first. After that, your reward will be available for transactions. 

Note that the network fees will be applied when you claim your reward.