If you decide to stake your Cardano and earn rewards from it, you can do it in CWallet.

How to stake?

Staking your ADA literally implies staking your Cardano address with all of your Cardano balance. Open your ADA wallet (you will stake the whole ADA balance) and choose "Stake". You can still exchange or send your ADA even if you use the address for staking.

How to choose a  pool?

You can choose the Cardano pool you want to stake your ADA by choosing the optimal for you by comparing estimated APY, fees, saturation, etc. All information is provided from the official Cardano blockchain sources. The higher is APY, the higher is your reward from staking, but also note the network fees that will be applied when you claim your reward.

Important! When you stake your Cardano first, you have to pay the network fee. You can check the network fee amount. Please note that 2 more ADA is required to register your address before staking.

When you Confirm your staking, you will see the confirmation from CWallet and always can check all information about your staking on the activity page. Please remember, you have to wait 20 days before your staking is approved.

How to check the progress?

If you want to check the progress of your stacking, simply go to the wallet you used for it. You can restake your stake to another pool simply by choosing "Restake".

When the epoch is over, you will see your reward. All Stacking transactions, including rewards or restaking, are saved on your wallet activity page. All rewards are coming automatically, you don't need to claim them. 

How to restake?

If you decide to change the pool, you need to:

- open your ADA wallet,

- Click on Restke,

- Choose the new pool and then confirm.

Important! When you restake your ADA to another pool, the network fee will be applied to it. The network fees depend on the current market situation on the Cardano blockchain.

How to unstake my ADA?

If you decide to stop staking, you need to:

- open your staking ADA wallet,

- choose "Claim Rewards",

- then Unstake.

By Claiming Rewards, you will have your rewards available for transactions. You will receive them in your wallet and then can do any transactions with them, like Sending or Exchanging.

By clicking on Unstake, you confirm you stop all staking on your ADA address. 


 The fees will be applied when:

- you claim your reward,

- you decide to unstake.

The network fees depend on the current market situation on the Cardano blockchain.