When you stake your Cardano, usually you get rewards in ADA back. When staking, you need to choose the pool, based on its APY and other characteristics.

ISPO is the Initial Stake Pool Offering - you receive back a reward in Cardano Native Token.

To participate in ISPO, choose the "ISPO" pool. When you proceed to staking, you will see the ticker "Staked APY (name of the token)" on your wallet. Follow the link for instructions on how to stake / unstake in CWallet.

Below you see the example of ISPO staking. A user receives back a reward in OCX Cardano Native Token. 

After staking, you can check your progress. You will receive your reward in Cardano Native Token after the end of each epoch. When the epoch is over, you will see your reward in the wallet. All Stacking transactions, including rewards or restaking, are saved on your wallet activity page. All rewards in Cardano Native Token should be claimed. Simply "Claim" them right in the app.