Once you decided to use CWallet Web, you have two paths to follow:

  1. Import your wallet

If you already have a wallet that is compatible with the BIP 44 derivation standard, you can Import it, using the seed phrase. Note that you are to go through this procedure every time when you need to open the wallet.

  1. Create a new wallet

If you choose this option, you have to write down your own 15-word mnemonic phrase, which is the only key to your wallet, and confirm that you have done it. The seed phrase permits you to log into your wallet on any device and platform. Always keep the seed phrase safely and never share it with anyone. CWallet Team would never ask you for the seed phrase.




Once you created or imported the wallet, you will be able to add/remove the required crypto-assets among those that are supported in CWallet (‘Edit Wallets’ button).



In CWallet Web you can:

  • Send your crypto (‘Send’ button).


  • Receive crypto (‘Receive’ button).


  • Exchange crypto (‘Exchange’ button).


  • Buy crypto (‘Buy’ button),


The CWallet Team always works on making the usage of the wallet more and more comfortable and efficient. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help!